Monday, September 22, 2014

Chevron Party Cupcake Wrappers - Free Printable

Previously, I shared redchevron cupcake wrappers

Today, I am sharing a set of chevron patterned wrappers. I love this one right here, it's has so many pretty colors and it's just happy. 

free cupcake wrappers
The following cupcake wrappers feature yellow - gold, aqua, and brown.  Super cute! 

Hope you like it! Let me know if you would like to see these colors used in a different way for a party decoration! 

free cupcake wrappers
cupcake wrappers 

Enjoy your cupcakes!!!! Send me pictures of your cupcakes with these wrappers! I look forward to seeing them!

Happy Baking! 


Cupcake Wrappers - Free Printable

Do you love cupcakes as much as I do? I love them all year-round and Christmas is no exception. Now, it might seem is a little too early to think about Christmas, but the reality is that Christmas is only 94 days away from today!  

whhhaaaatttt!!!!???  Is it just me or did this year just fly by??? 

What's your favorite cupcake recipe? Leave the link below; I'm always on the look out for a new recipe or frosting to try! 

 Cupcakes look so pretty and yummy with those ruffle layers of frosting, yum AND when paired with cute cupcake wrappers...Oh, my goodness!!!!  

 Once the cupcakes are baked and cooled, wrap your cupcakes with this chevron wrapper. 

Below is the .png file for these super cute red and white chevron cupcake wrappers.  Do note the instructions of use are written at the top of the .pdf file which is available for free through here as well as down below.  Note: Use this wrappers once the cupcakes are out of the oven and have cooled.


1.    Print on plain white cardstock. Cut out with scissors. 
2.    Apply Glue or approximately a 1-1/2 Inch piece of 1/2 Inch Double-Sided Tape (preferred method) to the Front (printed) of the Left Side where noted. Wrap the Right Side around the Left Side with the printed side facing outward. 
3.    Overlap the Right Side on top of the Left Side & line up the edge of the Right Side to the dotted line on the Left Side. 
4.    Press firmly together to adhere glue or double-sided tape.

chevron cupcake wrappers free printable

Chevron Cupcake Wrappers
Double Sided Tape suggested to complete this project:  (affiliate link, thanks for your support!)

Hope you have enjoyed this printable! Let me know in the comments in what other colors you would like to see free cupcake wrappers! 

Happy baking! 

~ Fabi 

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Galilee Booties - Pattern Review

A few days ago, I made a new set of baby booties for my Etsy shop, FlorabellaBoutique.  

Hace unos dias atras, teji un par de zapatitos de bebe que agregue a mi tienda llamada Florabella Boutique

This design is called Galilee Booties by Mamachee Patterns. It is a very well written pattern that comes in sizes for babies newborn to 24 months and adults.  It also includes a color pattern that can be used throughout the construction of the booties.  

Este diseño se llama Galilee Booties por Mamachee Patterns.  Este patron esta muy bien escrito y con muy buenos detalles. Tanto asi, que uno puede completar el set al primer intento. Las instrucciones estan escritas para tamaño de recien nacido hasta bebe de 24 meses. Tambien existe una version para adultos disponible.  Lo que mas me gusta aparte de los detalles es que tambien incluye sugerencias para los cambios de colores.  

Here are some pictures to show you how this design looks:  
A continuación hay fotos para mostrarte como se ve este diseño: 

Hook - Crochet: Size G (Clover, my favorite!)
Yarn - Lana: Vanna'sChoice in Blue and White
                       How I love this Yarn in grey. 

galilee booties

galilee booties

galilee booties

Happy Crocheting!

~ Fabi 

Products used to make this booties (affiliate):
Estos son los productos que use para tejer estos zapatitos. (links de afiliado)

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Celebrating Chile and Fall Season

September means two things to me: Fall and '18'.

 I enjoy decorating for Fall and cooking with pumpkin. I have lived in this country for so many years that is now a part of the things I enjoy doing. You can check out what I have cooked using Pumpkin in the past Pumpkin Cheesecake, Pumpkin Ravioli, my favorite White bean and Turkey Stew served in Pumpkin Bowls.

I just saw this recipe for Pumpkin French on Pinterest that I really want to try. What are you making with Pumpkin?

Pumpkin French Toast - Sounds amazing!!! 

 I also enjoy decorating for "18", Chile's National Holiday (like the Fourth to the US). That means, I make Chilean food, we make crafts related to Chile, and make handmade decorations using crochet for the holidays. My first decoration coming up is a banner made using the national colors: blue, white, and red. I also crocheted the letters to spell C-H-I-L-E. I still feel like the banner is missing something, so I'm still calling it a work in progress. But it's hanging in my living room and my daughter has learned how to spell Chile thanks to it. My son is learning to recognize more letters thanks to that banner being on the wall. It's a win-win for everyone. :-) 

Chile banner 

That's the latest going on here! 

Hope you are having a great week!

 ~ Fabi

Monday, August 11, 2014

Crochet for Cats Roundup

The month of August in Chile is all about cats and is referred to as El Mes de los Gatos or The Month of Cats. Today I am sharing with you the best patterns related to crocheting for cats or to make accessories with a kitty theme.  Enjoy! 

Hats and Accessories:

1.    Free Cat Ear Pattern: Step-by-step tutorial by Stitch 11.

2.   Cat Nap Hat: Available in 3 sizes (toddler, child, adult)

3.   Fingerless Kitty Kay Mittens: Toddler size

4.   Kitty Cat Hat – Toddler size

5. Earflap Cat Hat Pattern: Available in 6 sizes from Newborn to Adult.

6. Cat Claw Boots: Make your own claw boots!

7.  Hello Kitty Purse: Paid pattern available.

Cat Toys:

8.   Catnip Pouch Toy: Stuff it with Pollyfill.  Use catnip for the pouch.

9.   Mouse Catnip Toy: Make a cute plushie for your cat and fill it with catnip.

10.      Cat Toy: Made from yarn, toilet paper tube, and small bell.

11.   Cat Wig: Especially made for cats. 

Cat Amigurumi 

12.      Cat Amigurumi for Home Decor: Paid pattern by Celina Lane.

13.      Hello Kitty Amigurumi: Work this pattern to make a     miniature Hello Kitty.

14. Happy from Fairy Tale Amigurumi: Free crochet pattern.

 15. Miniature Posable Kitty Crochet Pattern: This is the perfect pattern from crocheting miniature cats for collectors. Use thread and small hook and you are set to go!

Cat Appliques

   16. Kitty Applique: Free pattern to use for embellishing cases, hats, scarves, blankets, and placemats.

17.  Cat Applique: Another pattern for embellishing projects for the cat lovers in your life. 

 Cat Living Space

18.   Cat Mat Rug: Crochet a special spot for your cat with this pattern. Oh your cat will have a cozy spot just for him!

19.  Cat Bed or Hiding Place:  Scroll down to the bottom for the English pattern.  

What will be the first pattern you will use from this collection to make a cat themed accessory or toy for your kitty?

Additional resources available through Amazons (affiliate links)

Happy crocheting!

~ Fabi 

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Free V-Stitch Dishcloth Pattern - Patron gratis

Summer in Florida is really hot. Like steamy hot. I think it’s great, especially when we have a pool nearby and palm trees all around. Oh, how I love summer! This week, for the first time in several weeks, I felt a breeze while walking home, which made our time outside so much more enjoyable.  Thinking of summer and this breeze, which was a total gift from God, I designed the “Summer Breeze Crochet Dishcloth” – a free, easy, and quick pattern that I am sharing here with you all available in English and Spanish.

When you make it, please post a picture in the comments or post it to Instagram with the hashtag #CrochetwithFabi or #CrochetconFabi so that I can see all your lovely creations.


Cotton yarn   (lana de algodon)
Crochet Hook – Size G (4mm)
Tapestry needle for weaving in ends 

Chain 37 – Cadeneta de 37
In order to crochet the V-Stitch you have chain a multiple of 3 plus 7.
Para tejer este punto V, tienes que tejer una cadena que sea multiplo de 3 mas 7.

In this case, I chain 37 (30 is a multiple of 3 {10 x 3}, + 7 = 37)
En este caso, hice una cadena de 37 (30 es multiplo de 3 {10 x 3}, + 7 = 37)

Row 1: DC in 4th chain from hook (the first three skipped chain will make your first dc).  Ch 1, skip the next chain. Then do the V-stitch in the chain right after the one you skipped (dc, ch1, dc), then skip 2 chains --- Repeat section in green until you have 3 stitches left. The first two stitches you will skip and then you will dc in each of the final two stitches.  Chain 3 and turn.

Fila 1: Vareta o Punto Alto en 4ta cadeneta desde el palillo. Los primeros tres puntos saltados, contaran como tu primera doble vareta. Hace una cadeneta, salta el siguiente punto, y despues hace el punto V, que consiste de Vareta, 1 cadeneta, vareta, salta dos cadenetas.  ---- Repite la seccion en verde hasta que te queden solo 3 puntos. El primer punto lo saltas y despues haras una vareta en cada uno de los ultimos dos puntos.  Hace una cadeneta de 3 y gira tu trabajo.

Row 2: Skip the first dc, dc in 2nd dc, ch1, skip 1 ch, work V stitch all across. When you have only 3 stitches left,  ch1, skip next dc, dc in each of last 2 stitches.  Chain 3 and turn.  (basically, do a V-Stitch in the middle of each v-stitch from the previous row)

Ronda 2: Salta el primer punto, haz una vareta o punto alto en el Segundo punto, haz 1 cadena, salta 1 punto, y continua con el punto V hasta el final.  Cuando te queden solamente 3 puntos, hace 1 cadena, salta la siguiente vareta o punto alto, y termina con un punto alto en cada uno de los ultimos dos puntos.  Haz una cadena de 3 y gira tu trabajo.  (en otras palabras, haz un punto v en el centro de cada punto v de la fila anterior)

Row 3 and on: Repeat row 2.

Fila 3 y mas: Repite la segunda fila.

Hope you enjoy this breezy pattern! You can make a set in all kinds of colors in little time. I made mine in yellow and turquoise, two of my favorite colors. I totally love them and I’m pretty sure I will be making more items for my household using this stitch.

Do know that this stitch can used for blankets, pillow covers,  carseat covers, and so much more! Just follow the basic rule: multiple of 3 + 7 and you’ll be all set.

Happy Crocheting!

~ Fabi


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