Sunday, February 7, 2016

Give the Gift of Learning

Little Passports is a monthly subscription for children ages 3 - 12, where they send a box with items for children to explore. They can learn about the US or the World, hands-on.  If you are planning on traveling this summer, Little Passports would be a fun way to get started with the trip. 

Scroll down for coupon code. 

This suitcase comes packed with everything needed to learn about a destination for a month. They also offer kits for science or coral reef kit. Both of them have really good reviews and look lots of fun. You could also learn everything there is to learn about coins from around the world. 

There's a coupon available for a 12-month subscription. The coupon code is WINTER15. 

Have fun!


Valentine's Day Picks - Viva el Amor

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Valentine's Day is almost here!!!

Bring on the red and pink and hearts, lots and lots of love!

My favorite dress for this season is from Gymboree's Red Heart Print Dress.

Heart Print Dress

Pair with a cute red sweater and Heart Sunglasses also from Gymboree.  

I also fell in love with this chevron outfit, a 3 piece outfit that includes the shirt with chevron print, the RUFFLE pants, and a little headband.  There are more  Valentine's Day Outfits available there. 
***Free Shipping, 2-Day Delivery*** oh yeah, oh yeah. 

For the boys, I like this classic plaid shirt. 

Plaid Shirt

Another cute t-shirt for boys has this tie with a heart. I love it! It's available in several colors, for some reason it only wants to show the grey one here. Go ahead and see the other colors. Which is your favorite? Let me know in the comments. 

Viva el Amor! 

~ Fabi

Gymboree Sale On Now!

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Crochet: Heart Cookies - Free Pattern

When it comes to Valentine's Day, my mind goes off thinking of romantic music like Michael Buble, Gary Barlow, and other Latin artists like Alberto Plaza. Good lyrics and a good voice along with a plate of full chocolate cookies.  

Cuando se trata del día de San Valentín, tiendo a pensar en aquellos días de verano en Chile mientras escuchaba la música romantica en alguna radio local. Por estos días, me conformo con escuchar a Michael Buble, Gary Barlow, y Alberto Plaza. Toda esta linda música, con bellas letras acompañadas con un plato de galletas. 

As I have mentioned in other posts, my kids love, love, LOVE, to play restaurant and pretend to cook all kinds of foods like soups, rice, and baked goods. I have made them Empanadas and Buttery Toast for their play food.  This time, I made them a seasonal item for their restaurant, crochet HEART shaped cookies. Yum, yum!  I'm a huge chocolate fan so I made them chocolate cookies filled with raspberries, mint, and vanilla.  This way they can have some more variety to offer to their clients. Different flavors for their clients!

A mis hijos les encanta jugar a la cocina, pasan cada día inventando una receta nueva para su restaurant o sino me piden ver alguna receta de Rachael Ray en YouTube. Después hablan de la receta todo el día y juegan a que la preparan de verdad. Otras veces juegan a que preparan sopas, platos con arroz, y postres. Anteriormente les preparé Empanadas y Tostadas con Mantequilla tejidas a crochet para que pudieran usar en su cocina.  Bueno, finalmente como ya estamos en la fecha del mes del amor, les tejí unas galletas con forma de corazón para que puedan ofrecer a sus clientes.  Ahora tienen galletas rellenas con frambuesa, menta, y vainilla.  Un sabor para cada gusto!


Cotton - Lily n Cream 
Hooks: H to make the hearts
             G to join the hearts
Tapestry Needle


Lana de Algodón
Ganchillo: H para tejer los corazones
                  G para unir los corazones
Aguja para guardar los hilos



Basically, I made two hearts using an H size hook for each cookie using a basic circle with an increase and then worked up the shape using tall and short stitches.  Twinkie Chan did a fantastic job in creating this pattern.

Comencé tejiendo dos corazones usando un ganchillo tamaño H para tejer cada galleta. Las instrucciones fueron muy simples y la verdad es que me encantó porque comienza usando un círculo con un aumento. Te dejo aquí el link del tutorial escrito por Twinkie Chan para que puedas tu también tejer este corazón. 

Using the G hook, I held two layers of hearts, making sure to match the stitches and began working a slip stitch, chain 1, and 1 single crochet in each stitch all around.  

Usa el ganchillo y toma dos de los corazones asegurándote que todos los puntos estén parejos en la misma ubicación. Comienza donde te muestro en la foto, hace un punto razo, 1 cadeneta, y después continua todo alrededor con un punto bajo. 

Cuál es tu sabor favorito? 

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Husband Cooks: S'more Brownies Recipe


I'm so thankful for my Hubs and the yummy food he makes for me. The other day he made awesome s'more brownies. The name says it all: chocolate, graham cracker, and marshmallow ? Yes. Please! 


brownie mix
graham cracker


Mix and bake brownie mixture according to directions. Once it's almost baked, take out and put marshmallows on top with broken up pieces of crackers.  Bake for another two minutes until the marshmallow begins to melt.  Take out, let cool, and enjoy it. 

Ready for some brownies! The mixture even had some walnuts in it. It was good! 


~ Fabi 

Recipe: Egg Mini Pie for Breakfast


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Breakfast pies are such a fun way to make and serve breakfast. Everyone gets to have a small pan, cover it with dough for the crust, fill it with their favorite ingredients, some cheese, and an egg. The baked pie will smell oh-so good and it will be so cute to sit at the table with your very own breakfast. I seriously felt like I was at Panera having my breakfast or at some fancy hotel. Yet, I was at my own home in my pjs with my kids having mini pies. 

So how is it that we got into making mini pies? 

For Christmas, my daughter had requested a Lalaloopsy Baking Oven to bake mini foods just like the ones she's seen on the YouTube channel. Have you seen the Lalaloopsy girls youtube channel? It's very entertaining. The channel teaches you step-by-step how to make recipes like chocolate chip cookies, strawberry cakes, and so much more!  Everything is made using this tiny appliance and tiny baking pans. 

The truth is that the oven looks really cute and it really does bake. I just don't have the extra space for it, so we decided to get her mini pie pans instead where we can make tiny food. :-) okay, maybe not as small as Lalaloopsy's foods, but it's small enough that can make individual servings. Win-win for everyone. 

Baking and serving dishes made in individual pans has created a lot interest in the children to want to bake and to come up with their own inventions. Sometimes they copy each other, other times they pick what they like from the other and add a different ingredient to make it their own. 

To start off, we got the pans covered with store bought pastry dough. The kids cut around it using a butter knife and put it on the pan, then press it with their fingers. I was like "yay! they are working on their fine motor skills here!" (everything is a teaching moment!) 



store bought Pastry Dough or make your own
eggs (1 per mini pie)
veggies of choice - optional  (sauteed spinach, tomato, onion, etc)
meat (optional)
shredded cheese
salt and pepper


Preheat oven at 400 degrees.
Roll out the dough, cut about 1/2 inch larger than the size of the mini pie pan.
Set the dough in the pan, then begin to fill it with ingredients of choice.
Top it off with shredded cheese and crack an egg over it and salt and pepper.
Bake it for about 18 minutes.

Baking time really depends on the oven, though. I would recommend watching it closely after the 12 minute mark to calculate exactly how long it needs baking.

Oh and you might need to make two pies for yourself. I won't tell anyone. Promise.



~ Fabi

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Recipe: Blueberry Smoothies

We were just a tad-bit excited the other day when we got a hold of a pint of blueberries from Chile that we had to make blueberry smoothies to go along with our breakfast. We recently read Boxcar Children Book I aloud and got to snack on blueberries quite often. Yet, it seems like we just can't get enough of this delicious fruit. 

This post contains affiliate links. 



1 cup blueberries 
1 apple
1 cup spinach
1 cup milk
3/4 cup of water
1 teaspoon of ovaltine (optional)
1 banana (optional)
Handful of ice 


Pour all the ingredients in the blender and blend until desired consistency. Then add some ice and crush in the blender. 

Serve and enjoy! 

We used smoothie straws and some fun little umbrellas to decorate our glasses. The kids thought the umbrellas were a lot of fun! Blueberries are certainly a favorite and they have just told me they want to make blueberry scones. Lol. It sounds like there will be a lot more blueberry dishes happening around here. 

Hope you enjoy making this recipe with your kids! 

~ Fabi 

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Saturday, January 9, 2016

Read Aloud: The Boxcar Children and Boxcar Craft

Last year we saw The Boxcar Children movie a few times on Netflix. I hadn't heard of it before nor the books, but I quickly fell in love with the story of the four Alden children: Henry, Jessie, Violet, and Benny. Since my kids have enjoyed the story so much, I promised them I would read them the book. Normally, I would prefer to show them the movie after reading the book, but even though it's the other way around this time, I have been able to see a few or perhaps one main benefit from doing it this way this time.  My kids have been noticing that certain events happen at different times in different chapters rather than in one scene like in the movie. In other words, they have been noticing that movies are adapted in order to try to get the most in while a book is more descriptive.

Personally, that's one of the things I like most about reading fiction. Writers have a way to convey ideas and describe settings, people, and events in a such a way that one is able to imagine it through their writing.

Since I began homeschooling, I'm usually looking for books to read to the kids and also to plan units/themes around them. The Boxcar Children is one of those books that makes it to pretty much every reading list I've seen on Pinterest and many homeschooling groups. We have read other books in the past like Stuart Little, Dolphin Adventure, and Charlotte's Webb before among other titles, but this one...has been fun and engaging to the point that each of my kids has picked a character. My oldest daughter is Jessie, my oldest boy is Henry, my youngest boy is Benny, and I get to be Violet.

Let me just briefly say how much my son has liked being Henry.  He really likes to act out Henry's lines from the book, which is shaping a sense of work, dedication, cooperation, and responsibility in him. My daughter who gets to be Jessie is excited because she gets to be in charge of the cooking (deciding the snack - which correlates to what's on the book), already a favorite pastime for here.    And my Benny, well, he is glad he gets to be Benny. :-)

We usually read in the mornings, other times we read in the evenings. Whenever it happens, I try to plan ahead with a snack or a time of the day that will coincide with the text. For example, one evening I read to them at dinner and guess what, the chapter happened to be taking place at dinner time as well. Their faces were full of smiles when we read that line on chapter 6. Another time, the kids made a pretend boxcar in the living room with chairs and blankets, where we ate bread there like the Alden kids. Another time, we decided to make one we could keep and look at while we read.

Materials to make the boxcar:

bottle caps,
ink pad,
cardstock paper
hot glue or glue of choice


The very first activity was to make a boxcar. We used red cardstock paper which we distressed it with ink. Simply use cotton or pom-poms with ink and run it on the paper. We did this so we could make the paper look old. Then we used the paper and wrapped a box with it. Since we just celebrated Christmas, my wrapping skills were still pretty fresh. lol.  Then for the wheels we used plastic caps and hot glued them on the bottom.

Then we added the wheels with the plastic caps. 

The final product. 

We just found some more cardboard that we need to paint to make the grass and the brook. I'll post another picture when we complete it. 

What are you currently reading aloud? Let me know in the comments. If you are reading the Boxcar series, let me know what book you are in and what kind of activities you are doing.  I look forward to reading your comments. 

~ Fabi 

From Amazon (affiliate): 

Also available in Spanish: 
Los chicos del vagón de carga (Spanish Edition)

The prequel has been published by Patricia MachLachlan (author of Sarah, Plain, and Tall). 

The series book 1-12


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