Monday, December 15, 2014

Crochet Coffee Mug Cozy Tutorial

Once I get up and get the kids ready for their breakfast, I like to get my hot tea ready. It used to be coffee and someday I will be drinking coffee again...oh how I miss it! But for now, this is a season that calls for hot tea. <3

My mug, one of my favorite ones, is lime green, which to me represents peace, calming, soothing. I got it a few years ago while I still lived in Michigan at a whole foods type of store.  

Thought it needed a bit of dressing up, plus I was in deep need to learn a new stitch. So put the two things together and resulted in a new mug cozy.  Today I am sharing with you how I made it, the free pattern and instructions on how I made mine. Hope you enjoy it and make your own too!  Remember to pin it to Pinterest so you can find later too.

Let's get started!


Yarn: Cotton Yarn - I Love This Cotton by Hobby Lobby in taupe color.
Hook: Size G Clover hook
Yarn needle


Start off by measuring your mug's circumference. Subtract 2-3 inches to allow your cozy to stretch and to fit snuggly on your mug.

My mug measured 10 in circumference.


This pattern uses the Even Moss Stitch. It gives great texture, it's very pleasant to the eye and works quickly.  Looks complex, but the instructions actually make it very easy to produce this stitch.  Have fun!

Ch. 40 to fit a 10 in circumference mug
Row 1: Skip first ch, sl st into next ch, *hdc into next ch, sl st into next ch; rep from * to end, turn. 
Row 2: 1ch, skip first st, *sl st into next st, hdc into next st, rep from * ending with sl st into tch, turn.

Repeat row 2 for 6 rows. 

Now, choose one of your short sides and work a single crochet (Sc). Depending on how many rows, you did is how many stitches you'll get. I had 12 sc in total. 

Repeat 3 rows of 1 sc in each stitch. Ch. 1 at the end and turn. 

Now you will be working on your buttonhole: 

Crochet 1 sc in each of 5 stitches, ch.3 (I did 5 to accommodate the size of my button). As you are chaining you are also skipping the 3 sc from the row below.  Count your 3 stitches and then SC (single crochet) on the rest of the row. 

Last row: 1 sc on every stitch, including 1 sc in each chain stitch. 

Sew button on opposite side. I went for a large red button I had in my stash from when my local Joann's had had a big sale on buttons. 

Look at my new pretty! Go ahead and make yours and as many as you want for others!

Happy Crocheting,

~ Fabi

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Friday, November 28, 2014

For the love of Chihuahuas...

I gotta admit that chihuahuas had been at the bottom of my list for breeds of dogs that I liked until I saw the movie Beverly Hills Chihuahua.  That movie tells the story of Chloe, a fancy and groomed dog that falls in love with Papi, a gardener's working dog that is also a Chihuahua.  

Now Chihuahuas have a different meaning and are so much more cute to me than they ever were before. Lol. 

I'm adding this pattern by jaravee to make a chihuahua that could fit in a tea cup. Just look at how adorable this is!!!  Link to the pattern on Etsy, here

Photo from jaravee's etsy shop

Super cute! Go to their etsy shop to see more photos. I'm in love!!!! I want to make this chihuahua dog!!!  

Now using this pattern I could make my very own Chloe and Papi. <3 

Happy Crocheting! 


Thursday, November 27, 2014

Pre-Black Friday Sale: Enjoy Big Savings on Yarn, Fabric & Kits

(This post contains affiliate links)


Right now you can save up to 70% off in yarn, fabric, and kits through Craftsy.  This is their biggest savings even of the year! 

Craftsy has great quality, excellent service and shipping for all their products.  I highly recommend them! 

Go here for all your shopping needs from Craftsy! 

Happy Shopping! 


Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Monday, November 24, 2014

Christmas Sales for the family at Zulily

zulily Kitchen Sale

This post contains affiliate links. 

Zulily has so many sales going on right now that I just had to share with you!  They have gifts for EVERYONE in any theme that you might be looking for. You can save 50% or even 75% off one product!  When I look at their prices I'm usually blown away by their excellent prices, speedy shipping, and great quality of packaging.  They even ensure all gifts that have a gift box are to be delivered on time for Christmas.

For Children

Disney Junior Up to 60% Off Sale at zulily
Lego Sale at zulily
Leapfrog Sale at zulily
Toys & books your kids will love on

For your Favorite Cook

Kitchen Aide Sale at zulily
Rachael Ray Sale at zulily


Adorable girls’ clothes on
Something new every day! Shop women’s on
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Home Schooling Collection Sale at zulily
Young Scientist Club Sale at zulily

Gifts Under $15

Gifts Under $15 Sale at zulily

Coffee Lovers

Starbucks Sale at zulily

Did you find everything you needed?

What kind of gifts are you still looking to get for this Christmas?

~ Fabi

Monday, November 17, 2014

How to Photograph your Crafts

1.   Use natural light I take my pictures by a window. The ideal lightning is early in the morning and in the evenings, but the best time that works for me is during nap time, so I end up taking most photos around 2pm. Not ideal, but it works for me.  I go by the window and set up a white foam board where I can set my items.  Then I take pictures of the product making sure it gets all the light. You see, when I take a picture my ultimate goal is for my viewers to be able to see the product in the same way I am able to see it in person.

2.   Show different angles - Imagine you are at the store shopping, you pick up an item and look at it all over: the front, the back, the sides, the seams, etc. Those who shop online want to get the ‘whole’ picture (no pun intended!) of the product before making a purchase.
Try to show the size of your product. You can measure it and write it out in your description, but people tend to go by visuals, so show them the size of your baby shoes in comparison to your hands, or wear the scarf and pull it up so you can show how much it will stretch. 

3.   Clean background – remove any clutter, furniture, or anything that could distract the viewer from the product you are showing.

4.   Set up the scene – Show how your product could be used. If it’s a coaster, show it with glasses. If you made a bookmark, show with some books. Think of a magazine, each product has been set up to show it’s effectiveness. 
If photographing amigurumi, then show your new handmade toy along with other toys that will suit the theme. Some time ago, I made a whale, which I photographed next to a boat. Have fun setting up the scene for your items!

5.   Colors – Choose colorful yarn, a rainbow scheme, ombre tones, and earthy tones to photograph your products. Make your product attractive to the eye! Think of your items as a candy. Yes. Be creative with your color combinations. Look through magazines, research fabric trends, google ‘Fall 2014 trendy colors”, walk around Target’s for inspiration, etc.  Keep a photo log using a pinterest board, cut out pictures, take photos when you are out, etc. If you find something attractive and you can use that for inspiration, chances are you will be able to make a new item that will be attractive to consumers as well.

6.   Treat every picture as a sale – As excited as you might be about the new stitch your learned or the new item you are making for the shop, refrain from posting a cluttered picture to social media. The first picture will be remembered and it will determine whether the person goes back to your page to see the item again or not.  I strongly encourage you to treat each picture as proof of the quality of your work. 

7.   Be personal – If you want to share how you are working on your orders, take an inviting picture. For example, have your coffee, your crochet (or knitting), and good light! You may also use an app to use a nice filter for your pictures. Taking this type of picture makes people feel like they are part of the room where you are working. More so, it makes your job look enjoyable.

Photo Credit: Claire from cthandmade
Etsy Shop: cthandmade
Instagram: cthandmade 

What are your tips for taking good pictures of your crafts?  Do you have a time of the day or a place where you like to go to take pictures?  Let me know in the comments! 

~ Fabi 


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